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  1. Harnessing Information for Change

    A new documentary is to be screened in Brussels that presents the experiences of human rights advocates from around the world who have used information and digital technology for positive change.
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  2. There Are A Wealth of Stories To Be Told, Says Deputy Director General

    While visiting Resilience and Food Security related projects in Ethiopia last month, Marcus Cornaro, Deputy Director General of EuropeAid, was so struck by the people he met, and their stories of challenge and success, that he used his smartphone to film and document what was happening around him.
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  3. Putting Burkina Faso ‘on the Map’

    The EU is funding a project to update the maps of Burkina Faso, using the latest technology. With existing maps dating back to the colonial era, experts from l’Institut Géographique du Burkina felt that an update was urgent.
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  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013

    Thank you for your contributions and for sharing knowledge on development in 2012!  Over the course of the year capacity4dev.eu members published over 60 new Voices & Views and posted approximately 900 blog posts, 3000 documents, 300 events and created over 100 new groups. In 2012 we saw...
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  5. Achieving Financial Inclusion with ICTs: The Donor Role

    With an estimated six billion cell phone subscribers worldwide, development actors are embracing the potential of using phones and other information and communications technologies – ICTs - for development purposes. Ecdpm’s Kathleen van Hove asks CGAP microfinance specialist Antonique Koning how...
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  6. A Video Blog Mission Report on the Cooperation in Tanzania

    Before Sarah Douik joined the recent EU Press and Information Officers Seminar in Tanzania, she contacted the capacity4dev.eu Coordination Team to borrow a small camera and receive simple video training. To give an example of what can be achieved with a small camera, we’ve edited her material into...
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