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  1. REPORT: IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report – What’s in it for Small Island Developing States?

    CDKN Report IPCC SIDS From CDKN website: " Elizabeth Carabine of Overseas Development Institute and Mairi Dupar of CDKN introduce the latest in the series of guides to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, which looks at the findings for Small Island Developing States. The Intergovernmental Panel on...
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  2. Erasmus Mundus – First Results and Observations

    A meeting for coordinators of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 selected partnerships took place in October last year. “We had a lot of participants from all around the world and it was the occasion to learn a bit more about the practicalities, administrative aspects of the programme. But also was the...
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  3. Libuše Soukupová, Education in Bangladesh

    Libuše Soukupová, head of human and social development in the EU delegation to Bangladesh, explains how employers in the slums are being encouraged to send young workers to school. She also describes Bangladesh... "This is a country of 170 million people in an area of Benelux so you can imagine the...
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