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Investment in education and the building of appreciative audiences for African art in Africa are fundamental to the construction of a thriving and vibrant artistic landscape on the continent, according to video artist Theo Eshetu.
The much-debated role of culture in development is highlighted with the launch of a new group on, showcasing thirty-six projects that place culture at the heart of development.
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To strengthen local governments across Africa, donors would be advised to spend more time and resources in researching and understanding local systems, according to Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi a key expert from the region. Mr Mbassi, from Cameroon, is a well known expert in decentralisation and has worked for years to promote decentralisation and local governance in Africa. He is currently the Secretary General of the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa, a gathering of 15,000 local authorities from the continent.
For the past four years Jean-Baptiste Fauvel has been working in the European Union (EU) Delegation to Burkina Faso as an Energy Programme Manager. Yet he first came to the attention of as one of the winners of last year’s photo competition. A keen observer of the people he works among, he spends his time outside the office researching their languages and context, and building friendships and trust. In doing so, he has uncovered a remarkable story, the little-known history of a community living in the north of Burkina Faso.
They might not make global headlines, but for low-lying Pacific islands king tides are an ever-increasing threat. As sea levels rise, the highest tides can have catastrophic effects, particularly when combined with storm conditions.
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Group: Medculture

Med Culture has identified young professionals as a priority target group of the programme, hence the need to establish Houna aShabab  to take part in Med Culture activities across the region.

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9 December 2009

Connect people around the culture in development cooperation debate

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Whether helping to foster democracy in the Middle East, teaching adolescents about sexually transmitted diseases in Russia, or denouncing domestic violence in the Solomon Islands, the links between cultural expression and the development agenda are many and varied.
15 April 2013 to 19 April 2013
in Nairobi (Kenya)
Organised byUN Habitat and Directorate General for Development and Cooperation (EuropeAid) Unit B4

The objective of Art & Architecture at Work at the 24th UN Habitat Governing
Council Meeting [1] is to promote the role of art and architecture at the
service of inclusive and sustainable urban development in African cities.

Bottom-up initiatives, participatory approaches, and community involvement
are increasingly valued in urban planning. Artists and architects together
bring significant input to the process. Through the investment of public
spaces, public art, and public architecture, they can engage civil society
towards cultural ownership of the city and steer urban growth towards
sustainable and inclusive patterns, alongside state-driven initiatives. 

Art & Architecture at Work presents recent best practices in Africa, as
models to be encouraged as part of the urban planning processes.


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Group: Medculture

A new EU-funded culture project, “Drama, Diversity and Development” (DDD), is looking to fund outstanding street theatre projects focusing on ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities (including refugees) in the southern Mediterranean partner countries, using street t