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Roadmap Support Facility created a new WIKI page 19 May 2016

N.B: For the preparatory seminars, registrations are closed.   

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 1 April 2015
Group: Medculture

يستقبل الصندوق العربي للثقاقة والفنون (آفاق) حالياً طلبات في فئتي الفنون المرئية وفنون الأداء كجزء من برنامج المنح العامة لعام 2015، وآخر مهلة لتقديم الطلبات هي 1 أيار 2015.

Suhair Muhye Al Deen created a new WIKI page 27 March 2015
Group: Medculture

برنامج ثقافة ميد

Luis Enrique Eguren uploaded a new Document 26 March 2018

ICRC has just launched their Professional Standards for Protection Work (third edition): It constitutes a set of minimum but essential standards aimed at ensuring that protection work carried out by human rights and humanitarian actors in armed conflict and other situations of violence is safe an

Brussels UNESCO uploaded a new Document 22 February 2018

Education is both a goal in itself and a means for attaining all the other SDGs. It is not only an integral part of sustainable development, but also a key enabler for it. That is why education represents an essential strategy in the pursuit of the SDGs.

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 1 April 2015
Group: Medculture

هل لديك اقتراح لاستخدام مسرح الشارع لتحدي العنصرية والتمييز في مجتمعك ؟

Laetitia Ricklin created a new WIKI page 14 April 2017


Agenda and Reports

Here you will find the detailed agenda. and the report of the forum:

Laetitia Ricklin created a new WIKI page 17 April 2017

Please find below the preparatory, reference documents and recommendations related to the Thematic Seminar on Human Rights which was held in Tunis on 26-27 April, as well as the CONCEPT NOTE and the ppt presentation of BRUSSELS JULY FORUM which includes the main conclusions and recommendations of

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 3 March 2015
Group: Medculture

المشاركة في المهرجان الدولي المتوسطي للفيلم الوثائقي والخبر الصحفي “PriMed”متاحةلجميع الكتاب والمخرجين والمنتجين الذي يساهمون من خلال أفلامهم في تقديم رؤية أفضل لبلدان حوض البحر الأبيض المتوسط.