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Iliyana Arnaudova created a new WIKI page 14 November 2014


Silvija Nora Kalnins posted Information 2 September 2015

Clima East Pilots and Policy projects held a joint regional seminar addressing specific challenges of climate change and eco-system based approach in peatlands.

Stephanie Franke uploaded a new Document 12 April 2017

Russian version of the press release related to the "Green Talents 2017" competion.

Alexa Froger posted Information 26 April 2019

How can we collectively take action to address the marine litter crisis?

Iliyana Arnaudova uploaded a new Document 25 November 2014

Данный документ подготовлен в рамках проекта Управление качеством воздуха в странах Восточного региона ЕИСП при выполнении задания Инвентаризация основных действующих производств-загрязнителей задачи 2.1. Поддержка внедрения комплексных экологических разр

Iliyana Arnaudova uploaded a new Document 4 March 2015

This handbook has been prepared under the European Union’s (EU’s) project on Air Quality Governance in the ENPI East Countries.The most effective way to reduce the negative impacts of transport is to cut