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  1. Oxford Forum for Sustainable Cities to be held 17-21 December 2015 at Balliol College, Oxford

    Oxford Forum for Sustainable Cities Oxford Forum for Sustainable Cities, 17-21 December 2015 will be held at Balliol College, Oxford. http://environmenteurope.org/education/6 This forum will explore the state of the art and policy applications in sustainable urban development, drawing on the...
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  2. UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner Videomessage at EEB 40th anniversary

    UNEP's Executive Director, Achim Steiner, congratulates the European Environment Bureau (EEB) on the occasion of its 40th anniversary in a two day high level conference in Brussels. In a videomessage to the Module 2 – The next 40 years: placing sustainability at the heart of Europe’s policies , Mr...
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  3. Erik Solheim encourages positive can-do attitude at EU Summit on Sustainable Development

    On 20 December 2016, Head of UN Environment Erik Solheim took part in the European Commissions’ High-Level Policy Summit: " Europe's Response to Sustainability Challenges – Delivering the 2030 Agenda " hosted by The European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC). The Summit, under the patronage of First...
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  4. Successfully Implementing the SDGs through Sustainable Resource Use & Management

    The International Resource Panel (IRP), launched by UNEP in 2007, organised a debate session at the European Development Days (EDDs) in Brussels on 15 June 2016. The session was entitled “Sustainable resource use and management: successfully implementing the SDGs” and touched upon the themes of...
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  5. The NODE proposes innovative solutions on development, environment and social inclusion in Europe and the Mediterranean.

    Today, Europe and the Maghreb are facing intertwined threats . Climate change leads to ecosystem degradation and, combined with uneven growth, leads to migration. Meanwhile, social disparities and inequitable conditions can provoke social unrest. The NODE - Node for Opportunities, Development, and...
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