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  1. Energy efficiency in Sub-Saharan African cities - Towards the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa

    In the context of the forthcoming COP21 and its follow-up, the European Commission jointly with SE4All has organised two regional workshops that will provide technical assistance to cities of Sub-Saharan Africa interested in designing and implementing policies, actions and investments in the field...
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  2. RE2nAF: geographically based tool for exploratory analysis for off-grid electricity production options in Africa

    DG JRC has been developing mapping applications to support national governments and agencies to decide which energy technology options would better deliver their goals of rural electrification. The JRC method takes into account the diversity of energy resources, coupled with the existing grid,...
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  3. Microfinace Rural Development in Burkina

    ONGD REMAR is currently contributing to rural developement in Burkina and other West African countries. www.remar.org We have decided to focus our actions on three main components: (i) Pro-poor access to finance, (ii) Consumer empowerment and capacity building, (iii) Equitable and efficient local...
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  4. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "pre-loading" session 1 : how are we tackling undernutrition ?

    Nutrition Seminar: The European Commission's Action Plan on Nutrition – Ensuring Quality Implementation What you can expect Dear Participants, We very much look forward to welcoming you to our seminar – now only 5 weeks away! We are delighted by the level of interest shown in this event: from EU...
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