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Huma Manners created a new Photo album 20 October 2014

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In case you would have pictures you would like to share as well, please inform the group manager, so it can be uploaded.

As per stated in the Financing Agreement, the 2nd  global steering committee was set up on May 6th in Brussels to "oversee and validate the overall direction and policy of the Intra-ACP APP project".

Sarah Simpson created a new Photo album 19 March 2018
Programme: DEAR

2018 DEAR Projects

Katharine Mill created a new Photo album 22 May 2014

Images from EU-funded projects to protect biodiversity and support sustainable livelihoods.

Pictures from the brainstorming Lab during the European Development Days 2015, Brussels

The fifth global meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) is taking place since 21st of March in Brussels.

Caroline Garcia created a new Photo album 3 November 2017

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) will take place in Bonn from the 6th to the 17th of November with the main  objective of advancing the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement and achieving progress on its imp