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Javier Burgos posted Information 31 July 2019

Le Laboratoire National de Santé Publique (LNSP) a le plaisir de partager avec vous son dixième Bulletin trimestriel (Avril-Mai-Juin 2019).

Programa EUROsociAL + started a Debate 4 July 2019

Puesta en común de las principales conclusiones de los seminarios, a la luz del tema de la confianza.

Javier Burgos posted Information 10 June 2019

From March 18 to 22, 2019 at the National School of Public Health in Rabat (ENSP-Rabat), an international workshop was organized, focusing mainly on the contextualization of the evidence for health policies informed by the evidence.

Daria Fane posted Information 21 October 2016

If you are interested in new ways of collaboration watch this... lets explore further



Bea Gonzalez posted Information 28 August 2012

While the CSP industry is facing a challenging time to become a true contender in the global energy mix there are still many opportunities for grabs.

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 29 August 2012

PV Insider webinar examines the key challenges that developers and EPC groups are facing to optimize PV plant performance and reduce LCOE.

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 11 September 2012

With PV installations in the United States forecast to set new records in 2012, attention is turning towards the optimization of plant performance as the industry prepares to meet at the 3rd Utility Scale PV Plant Optimization Summit USA (17-18 October, San Jose).

Programa EUROsociAL + posted Information 4 July 2019

El taller está dirigido a intercambiar experiencias y puntos de vista sobre cómo fortalecer la confianza entre las instituciones y con la ciudadanía, lograr dar mayor peso, legitimidad y perspectivas a las políticas para la igualdad de género.

Zena Mouawad started a Debate 8 March 2018

Dear all,

On this International Women Day, let us advocate for more investments in gender-sensitive social protection systems, in particular for women and girls living in crisis contexts.