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Pierre Berman posted Information 19 October 2018

The project “Caffe Correcto” is implemented by a Consortium led by Progetto mondo mlal, and composed other OSC and institutional actors between Bolivia and Peru.

Pierre Berman posted Information 16 November 2018

The RNSF project aims at studying IE phenomenon and developing best practices and successful experiences to support the action of sectorial operators such as government, CSO, and international organizations.

Pierre Berman posted Information 23 October 2018

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a German foundation that promotes political and societal education of people from all background in the spirit of democracy and pluralism, to enable young people the opportunity to study and conduct research through grants.

Pierre Berman posted Information 9 November 2018

The project “Empowerment for better livelihoods, including skills development and vocational education and training, for marginalised and vulnerable persons and people dependent on the informal economy” is implemented in the region of Uraba, Colombia, and managed by the Local government of Antioq

Pierre Berman posted Information 14 November 2018

The project “Economic and social inclusion of marginalized, vulnerable people dependent on the informal economy, particularly women from cross-border trade zones in Haiti” implemented by Oxfam Italia aims at contributing to the reduction of poverty of the marginalized people depe

Pierre Berman posted Information 30 October 2018

The project “Production and vocational training as an alternative social inclusion path and labour rights promotion” is implemented by the foundation FAUTAPO in the municipalities of Cercado, Oruro department, and Potosi, Potosi department.