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  1. Energy facility call for proposal 2013

    The Second Call for Proposals of the Energy Facility with a budget of EUR 55 million has just been launched! The deadline for submission of Concept Notes and Full Applications is on 03/06/2013 at 16:00 hours CET. You can find the guidelines, as well as the grant application form with annexes here .
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  2. RE2nAF: geographically based tool for exploratory analysis for off-grid electricity production options in Africa

    DG JRC has been developing mapping applications to support national governments and agencies to decide which energy technology options would better deliver their goals of rural electrification. The JRC method takes into account the diversity of energy resources, coupled with the existing grid,...
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  3. The Energy Facility monitoring website

    The ACP-EU Energy Facility monitoring website tries to put in value a part of the unique knowledge accumulated in the more than 150 projects financed by the Energy Facility. The present website emphasises the dissemination of project results. It allows to: Contribute to the quality in...
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  4. Microfinace Rural Development in Burkina

    ONGD REMAR is currently contributing to rural developement in Burkina and other West African countries. www.remar.org We have decided to focus our actions on three main components: (i) Pro-poor access to finance, (ii) Consumer empowerment and capacity building, (iii) Equitable and efficient local...
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