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  1. Ecosystem-based approaches to DRR and CCA

    Wetlands International promotes the ecosystem based approach to DRR/CCA and encourages its mainstreaming and integration into development policies
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    Public group owned by Wetlands 21 September 2016
  2. Bringing Technical Cooperation Down to Earth in Manila

    Over five days in May, the TC reform was presented, discussed, and brought "down to earth" in Manila in the Philippines. The EC Delegation had organised this first flexible learning and coaching process in close dialogue with the Brussels-based reform task team.  ...
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  3. Difficulties Matching Theory and Practice in Tanzania

    “Compliance with financial regulations and disbursement pressure continues to drive the agenda. In this regard, we wonder what room there is to adopt the Backbone Strategy principles,” said Enrico Strampelli Head of Development Cooperation at the EU Delegation in Tanzania, in a recent interview for...
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  4. Introducing Governance in Sector Operations

    Why is it important to consider governance issues in sector operations and how should aid practitioners go about this? Dominique Dellicour of the Governance, Security, Justice, Human Rights and Gender unit presents EuropeAid’s approach in this video interview.
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