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Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 25 March 2015
“If we can replace the hand hoe with a smartphone as the most common tool in the hands of an African farmer, then we are halfway towards our dream,” said Theo de Jager, President of the Pan African Farmers Organisation and the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions. That dream is to combat poverty in Africa by helping growers make the most of increasingly abundant data on prices, materials and weather.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 29 July 2013
The EU is funding a project to update the maps of Burkina Faso, using the latest technology. With existing maps dating back to the colonial era, experts from l’Institut Géographique du Burkina felt that an update was urgent.
Many efforts to strengthen and modernise Public Expenditure Management in developing countries risk joining a long-line of failures. But, in a new paper, expert Daniel Tommasi explains how proper PEM design and phased implementation can yield positive results. In his paper, "Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Developing Countries: Sequencing Issues", published in March, Mr Tommasi says that to improve PEM in developing countries, partners must first take into account the country's context and culture.
At the recent EU Development Days, EuropeAid’s Director of Human and Society Development, Kristian Schmidt underlined that promoting the concept of Resilience will not only save lives, it will save money. But success for Resilience measures will involve bridging the gap between emergency response and long term development. The EC’s Humanitarian Aid department ECHO is taking steps towards this in Ethiopia.
Xavier Le Mounier posted Information 10 March 2011

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Jean Bossuyt from the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) provides an informative and instructive presentation on putting the sector governance approach into practice. Watch his presentation here.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 9 August 2011
The world’s poorest populations are typically those most exposed to hazard, according to risk management expert Nicholas Freeland who offers some lessons on how donors can support vulnerable populations and enhance their coping strategies.
We know that keeping abreast of latest European Commission policy is time consuming. So, to lighten your load, has produced a fun video version of The Guidelines on Making Technical Cooperation More Effective. Watch and learn!
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 5 October 2010
In a region beset by electoral inconstancy, Ghana is something of a role model for African elections. However, to ensure that an encouraging track record is maintained and strengthened, the European Commission is engaged in a programme of electoral reform support.