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Programa Eurosocial + uploaded a new Document 4 July 2019

Tejiendo confianza para la cohesión social:
una mirada a la confianza en América Latina

Zena Mouawad uploaded a new Document 11 May 2018

Infographic I

Yao Kouame uploaded a new Document 28 April 2017

2017-04-27-Opsys Contract Management - key contributors meeting meeting - Minutes

Yao Kouame uploaded a new Document 11 May 2017
Presentation of DUG members and Opsys team
Presentation of OPSYS: what we are "buying" and why ?
OPSYS Governance and role of the DUG: what is expected from the DUG members ?
Barbara Oliveira uploaded a new Document 17 April 2019

During the First workshop of the EU-AFD Reseach Facility on Inequality, on Dec 5th 2018, each funded project was presented. The goal was to explain the context and the motivation to the research, its objectives, the methodology used and the expected objectives. 


Zena Mouawad posted Information 11 May 2018

DEVCO has launched an online platform bringing together a broad set of e-learning courses, videos, webinars and manuals, developed in cooperation with partners.

What is DEVCO Academy?

Melissa Montarou uploaded a new Document 3 May 2017

Presentation to the DUG of the second track contract management held on the 03/05/2017

Denis Thieulin posted Information 25 April 2016

About one year ago I gave you a feedback on Opsys final report which was endorsed by DEVCO management on 27/04/2015 and I provided regular update at KM network meetings.

Let's provide a little bit more stuff about where we are with Opsys.