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Mariana Lemos uploaded a new Document 25 June 2019

Global trends such as increasing population, rising incomes, income disparity, urbanization and resource extraction are applying tremendous pressure on our ability to secure clean and adequate water supplies, nutritious and available food supplies, as well as sustainable and secure energy supplie

Eric Buhl-Nielsen uploaded a new Document 4 June 2017

Short presentation of the rapid assessment of the 2nd call for proposals of the WF on water operator partnerships

Joanna Martin uploaded a new Document 26 October 2018

The overall objective of GCCA Tanzania, funded by the European Union, is to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable Tanzanian rural communities against the adverse effects of climate change and to contribute towards poverty reduction.

Lukas Edbauer uploaded a new Document 28 January 2019

event flyer - kindly refer to event homepage for further information

Julia Walschebauer uploaded a new Document 14 June 2018

Power point presentation by the Cities Alliance on Primary Waste Collection Waste-to-Energy presented during the InfoPoint session on the 8th of June 2018 in Brussels.

Eric Buhl-Nielsen uploaded a new Document 4 June 2017

AquaPublica Europea - experience of water operator partnerships

Rosalba Vendemia uploaded a new Document 17 July 2018

UNICEF/2017. Analyse des résultats de la recherche sur le projet Carte d’Eau. L’opération carte d’eau et livraison d’eau par camion sont menées conjointement avec la direction régionale de l’eau, assainissement et hygiène (DREAH) et l’AES (Alimentation en eau potable pour le Sud).

Eric Buhl-Nielsen uploaded a new Document 4 June 2017

Dutch perspective on Water Operator Partnerships