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Javier Burgos posted Information 28 August 2018

Good writing is critical for think tanks that want to change the world with their ideas. But it’s a skill that needs honing.

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Sarah Bouchetob
4 July 2014

Open dialogue around media reform in the Southern Mediterranean

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The project “Strengthening the...

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Laura Tita
19 August 2016

Group initiated by the European Biomass Industry Association to support the biomass industry

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Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 4 January 2017

The objective of this 3 days training is to encourage young girls in our community or Cameroon to be able to continue their learning through internet (online) on their own pace and apply knowledge gained in rural development that contribute to the nation's economical development.

Sarah Cummings posted Information 28 September 2015

On 8 September 2015, Nabeeha Mujeeb Kazi, President and CEO at Humanitas Global, and Chair of the Community for Zero Hunger, posted a blog, presenting the pr

Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 4 January 2017

Trainees should be able after the 3 training modules to us Internet for research (job advertisements, information concerning SDGs, free online courses, health, legal, Women's rights, climate change, peace, addresses, institutions, companies etc.).

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Enrique Rebolledo
21 September 2015

Climate finance tools, instruments approaches, experiences and lessons learned

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Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 30 December 2016

The focus of the training is to provide Capacity training on ICT for Underprivileged Youths  and as a result making them agents of development who will continue to educate other Underprivileged Youths in the communities.