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  1. Fighting inequality with education

    The latest Eurobarometer survey shows that European support for developing countries remains strong – The majority of Europeans (89%) think that it is important to help developing countries. According to the survey, European citizens see peace and security (37%), and education (35%) as the most...
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  2. Celebrating Human Rights Day

    "Everyone has the right to education." Article 26 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today is the International Human Rights Day and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Education is a fundamental human rights and it is key to achieving sustainable development. The...
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  3. Histoire d’une piroguière du Rwanda

    La Plateforme des A utorités Locales des Pays des Grands Lacs réunissant des Maires de villes proches du lac Kivu, a organisé, dans le cadre de son programme « Vivre ensemble » une course des pirogues rassemblant les pêcheurs du Rwanda et de la R. D. Congo à Bukavu, le 16 décembre 2017. Les équipes...
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  4. 6th Global PFD Meeting

    More than 80 representatives of civil society organisations (CSOs), local authorities (LAs), the private sector, EU Member States and the EU institutions gathered in Brussels from 20 - 22 March for the 6th Global Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development. Three days full of debate and exchanges...
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