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Blerina Vila created a new WIKI page 17 October 2016

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James McNulty posted Information 19 March 2015

Yes, another uplifting article about how we must do more on gender! Well, not quite.

Friederike Beier uploaded a new Document 24 November 2015

The EU-Council adopted the new Gender Action Plan (GAP) 2016-2020 on 26th October 2015. It renewed and expanded the EU commitment toward Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment:

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 8 March 2016

Women have made enormous strides towards economic empowerment over the past century. But progress is uneven around the world, and women are behind men on a range of indicators from having a bank account to starting their own business.

Anant Kumar uploaded a new Document 11 February 2017

The existing gender analysis frameworks start with a premise that men and women are equal and should be treated equally. These frameworks give emphasis on equal distribution of resources between men and women and believe that this will bring equality which is not always true.

Blerina Vila uploaded a new Document 13 October 2017


This Thematic Brief provides quick guidance on the most important issues relating to gender, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction