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Alexandru Ghiurca created a new WIKI page 26 February 2016

The series of  "Sector Notes" for the Integration of Environment and Climate Change into EU International Cooperation and Development is designed to provide practical guidance on the links between environmental protection/climate change and specific sectors and the opportunities

Javier Burgos created a new WIKI page 23 December 2015

Quick overview of the Supporting Public Health Institutes Programme


1. Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)

Capacity4dev Team created a new WIKI page 10 December 2014

Earlier this year, colleagues working at the EU Mobile Lab in Guéckédou, Guinea made a short film representing a typical day working in the lab. Each team stays in the field for four weeks, but they work long hours, processing 50-80 samples per day from morning until late at night.

Vincent Chasteloux created a new WIKI page 24 September 2014

An outbreak of the Ebola virus has claimed hundreds of human lives since February 2014.

Monjur Ahmed created a new WIKI page 10 February 2016

With European Union (EU) support, icddr,b  is working closely with the Directorate General Health Services (DGHS), under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to enhance the capacity and skills of policy programme managers in the health sector so that they can easily access, assess, evaluate,

Florent Martin created a new WIKI page 23 June 2015
Vincent Chasteloux created a new WIKI page 24 September 2014

This video produced in August 2014 looks at the coordinated response of WHO and partners to the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Guinea and neighbouring countries.

Javier Burgos created a new WIKI page 28 January 2016

The SPHIP - ST provides support to eight European Union grants in DR Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos and Haiti, with the common thematic of Strengthening Public Health and to improve their project implementation in order to increase the coherence, efficiency and visibilit