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  1. EU-DEAR Multi-Stakeholder Group meeting April 2018

    Representatives of CSO, local authority, academic and (inter-)government department and agency networks met with the European Commission to discuss the Commission’s ideas for a new DEAR Call for Proposals to be launched during 2018. You can download the report from the meeting and information about...
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  2. Grounding a More Sustainable Europe

    Families in the Mojados region of Spain are taking part in the European Commission supported ‘Rural DEAR Agenda’ project. The project, led by Valladolid province partnering with local authorities and CSOs in seven EU countries, is a pilot aiming to boost the local capacity to support awareness...
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  3. National EUTR penalties: are they sufficiently effective, proportionate and dissuasive?

    The EU timber regulation (EUTR), the EU’s illegal logging law, has been in place for five years. This law aims to prevent illegal timber from entering the EU market and requires companies to check...
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