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  1. Call for Proposals: Sustainable Inclusive Value Chains and Food Fortification (open until 29 March 2016)

    Launched on 12 February and open until 29 March 2016, the EU has developed two calls for proposals with a combined value of €57 million with the objective of developing inclusive and sustainable agriculture-based value chains (Lot 1) and fortified foods (Lot 2) that improve food security for the...
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  2. 4th Global Meeting March 2016

    The fourth global meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) took place on the 14 th, 15th and 16th of March, in Brussels. The meeting mobilized more than 160 representatives from civil society organisations (CSOs) and associations of Local Authorities (LAs), the private sector,...
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  3. Erik Solheim encourages positive can-do attitude at EU Summit on Sustainable Development

    On 20 December 2016, Head of UN Environment Erik Solheim took part in the European Commissions’ High-Level Policy Summit: " Europe's Response to Sustainability Challenges – Delivering the 2030 Agenda " hosted by The European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC). The Summit, under the patronage of First...
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  4. Presentations

    Please see here the different presentations available of the 4th Global PFD Meeting: 1- Welcome PFD Opening Speech Jean-Louis Ville, Acting Director, Human Development and Migration, DEVCO PFD Opening Speech Jorge Balbis Executive Secretary, ALOP, PFD CSO Co-Chair ( ES ) PFD Opening Speech...
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