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Faith Doherty posted Information 3 June 2014

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) UK.

Gemma Pinol-Puig posted Information 15 January 2011

Seminar - Political Economy at Work, Brussels, 11-12 January 2011

DAY 1 : 11th  January 2011

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 18 March 2015
Group: Medculture

Med Culture has identified young professionals as a priority target group of the programme, hence the need to establish Houna aShabab  to take part in Med Culture activities across the region.

Coralie Mugerin posted Information 2 February 2012

This is one of the latest document of the series. It has just been sent to Delegations earlier this year.

Arnold Jacques de Dixmude posted Information 13 February 2015

 (at the bottom of this page, you now find all PPT presentations of the event)

Rafael Barrio posted Information 5 October 2012

I think that trade liberalization and globalization of the economy favored by rapid technological developments produce economic development opportunities for countries but also cause instability and employability difficulties for a signif

viaexpo posted Information 16 May 2012

Despite the difficulties in these sectors, the organizer reported 20% growth in the number of exhibitors. 'Impressive was the share of the foreign companies - over 60% of the participants.

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 10 July 2014
Group: Medculture

A new EU-funded culture project, “Drama, Diversity and Development” (DDD), is looking to fund outstanding street theatre projects focusing on ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities (including refugees) in the southern Mediterranean partner countries, using street t