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  1. Balancing economic development and protecting the cradle of mankind - Lake Turkana basin

    Publication Date: June 2013 This paper calls for cooperation on Omo-Turkana transboundary water issues. A number of transboundary water agreements exist in Africa. However, many of these agreements...
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  2. EU Resilience Building programme in Ethiopia (RESET) Strategic Options Paper by Ethiopian Development Research Institute (2017)

    In order to support the ongoing RESET programme implemented by more than 25 NGOs and in close collaboration with the local and regional authorities, the Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia...
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  3. CC DARE - Supporting Sub Saharan Africa including small Island counties with Climate Change Adaptation

    Issue Date: 2011 This report covers the major challenges that climate change poses to human survival in Sub Saharan. It is part of The ‘Climate Change and Development – Adapting by Reducing...
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  4. BROCHURE - Bêkou: Le Fonds fiduciaire européen pour la République centrafricaine

    Cette brochure présente le premier Fonds fiduciaire de l'Union européenne, son mandat et les actions mises en œuvre en RCA par ses partenaires. De plus les modalités pour rejoindre et/ou travailler...
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  5. Food Security in the Horn of Africa: The Implications of a Drier, Hotter and More Crowded Future

    Release Date: November 2011 Nearly 44 per cent of the population in the Horn of Africa is already subject to extreme food shortages. What will happen if the population continues to grow and climate...
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