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  1. Sustainable Forests for the Future

    Welcome to the Sustainable Forests for the Future group! The European Union supports the efforts of partner countries to preserve their forests and to contribute to sustainable, inclusive economies and societies. Through the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade ( FLEGT ) actions, the EU...
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  2. Value Chain Analysis for Development (VCA4D)

    VCA4D performs Value Chain Analyses (VCA) to give a complete overview of a commodity in a country, providing policy makers with robustly informed knowledge to structure their policies, policy dialogue and projects. Based on a common methodological framework, the VCAs inform indicators through...
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  3. Productive Safety Net Programme in Ethiopia

    The Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) in Ethiopia is aimed at enabling the rural poor facing chronic food insecurity to resist shocks, create assets and become food self-sufficient.
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  4. How to Fight Illegal Fishing

    What illicit trade is worth up to $23 billion each year, threatens the environment, food security and the economies of developing countries, and is now the subject of a special taskforce at INTERPOL? The answer is illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).
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  5. Protecting Soil Fertility: Protecting Life

    There is much discussion in the development arena about the struggle ahead to feed the seven plus billion, of the methods proposed towards food security, building resilience, safeguarding water resources and so on. But few stop to ponder the basic ingredient in all of this: the very land under our...
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  6. Linking Farmers & Tourists to Solve Development Challenges in SIDS

    Developing the link between agriculture and tourism could be a significant opportunity for small island developing states. Already an expanding sector in several Pacific and Caribbean islands, agritourism can address a range of development challenges – among them low agricultural productivity, high...
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  7. Agriculture’s Data Revolution

    “If we can replace the hand hoe with a smartphone as the most common tool in the hands of an African farmer, then we are halfway towards our dream,” said Theo de Jager, President of the Pan African Farmers Organisation and the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions. That dream is to...
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  8. Supporting the Smallholders who Feed the World

    By 2050, the world’s farmers will have two billion more mouths to feed. Significant improvements to agricultural productivity are needed - particularly on the small farms of less than two hectares which produce nearly 70% of the world’s food. Supporting and promoting these smallholder farmers is...
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  9. Sweet Solutions: How Honey Aids Development

    Wherever you are in the world, beekeeping is a guaranteed source of income. The international market varies but in developing countries honey production remains a vital means of subsistence. It supports the environment too, but plummeting bee numbers now jeopardise food chains in developing and...
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