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From16 November 2015
in London (United Kingdom)
Organised byThe Brooke

As the first international event of its kind, the conference will provide a
rare opportunity to put the welfare and contributions of non-food producing
livestock such as working horses, donkeys and mules on the international
livestock policy agenda.

17 September 2018 to 21 September 2018
in (Ethiopia)
Organised byAcademy for International Cooperation (AIZ)


The training addresses the need of advisers and experts involved in rural development and natural resource management with the intention to better understand agro-pastoral livelihood systems as an integral part of a holistic approach to food and nutritional security.

From9 December 2016
in Paris (France)
Organised byGRET

In the framework of the work done by the Agriculture and Food Security Commission of the N

From17 February 2016
in Brussels 1000 (Belgium)
Organised byBe-troplive

The conference will tackle the following issues: Do we need livestock? Can we afford their feeding? Are there alternatives? Is there a sustainable pathway of development, with or without livestock? What policies are needed to enable this pathway?

From19 January 2017
in 1049 Bruxelles (Belgium)
Organised byDG DEVCO, France Vétérinaire International FVI, CIRAD

Ce InfoPoint Conférence de midi se concentre sur Renforcer les services en
gestion de la santé animale et en sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation
[1]. Santé animale et sécurité sanitaire des aliments sont des enjeux
majeurs de santé publique en Europe et partout dans le monde. France
Vétérinaire International FVI (GIP lié au Ministère français de
l’agriculture) est une plateforme de 17 institutions rassemblant les
principales valences vétérinaires , écoles vétérinaires et instituts de
formation de fonctionnaires, administration des services vétérinaires,
laboratoires publics, centres de recherche, organisations professionnelles de
vétérinaires praticiens, industries du médicament vétérinaire, etc.

FVI propose d’aborder ces questions et d’amener des éléments
opérationnels très concrets, en vous présentant les services et
l’expertise qu’elle est capable de mobiliser pour répondre aux demandes,
voire les anticiper.


josick van Dromme uploaded a new Document 19 May 2015
Group: EDD15

Article published in the European Commission magazine 'Commission en Direct' (April-May 2015 issue).

It deals with the impacts of livestock on climate and the environment, while proposing options to make a difference, at a public level and individually in our food choices.

Giorgia MEI posted Information 13 September 2016

Published on June 2016, this briefing note examines the potential for

chris addison posted Information 7 May 2019

TRANSrisk Transition Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption Strategies uploaded a new Document 20 October 2017

The 7th TRANSrisk newsletter features previous TRANSrisk events, TRANSrisk reports, The 1st TRANSrisk Policy Brief, and the latest Scientific Publications