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  1. EU FAO FLEGT Programme calls for project proposals from countries not engaged in VPAs - Deadline 21 April 2014

    EU FAO FLEGT Programme is now accepting project proposals from government institutions, civil society and private sector organizations in eligible timber-producing countries not already engaged in Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs). Grants of up to €100 000 are channeled through the Programme...
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  2. Proforest and the EU REDD Facility publish briefings on FLEGT and REDD+ in English, French and Spanish

    FLEGT and REDD+ are two innovative approaches to better forest governance worldwide. FLEGT can support successful REDD+ implementation by promoting improved forest governance and law enforcement, addressing some of the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and establishing strong and...
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  3. October: Month of Food Security - Sustainable fishing catching on in Madagascar (EYD Story of the Week)

    This week's EYD Story of the Week Sustainable fishing catching on in Madagascar has been provided by the EU Delegation in Madagascar. Since 2011, the EU has contributed a total of 21 million euros to the Indian Ocean Commission programme to boost sustainable fishing though the SmartFish Programme...
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  4. Booklet on “International Developments in Trade in Legal Timber”. Now available in French and Spanish.

    The United States, the European Union and Australia are large producers and consumers of timber and timber products. In recent years these consumer countries have taken steps to combat trade in illegally harvested timber and timber products more effectively. These include encouraging retailer...
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