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Graphic produced by the B4Life Facility for the presentation on TEEB in Brussels on 17/06/16.

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Programme of alternative development in the areas of Pozuzo and Palcazú (PRODAPP)
Credit: Enrique Castro Mendívil

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A park protected by the EU since 1988, which used to be home to one of the largest herds of African elephants. Elephant populations are being decimated for ivory: 25-35 000 are killed each year, or one every 15 minutes. At this rate, there will be no elephants left in Africa in 10 to 15 years.

Video de animación que describe el proyecto MISEAL, sus objetivos, su trasfondo teórico y algunos de sus resultados al tercer año de ejecusión.

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Only 250 lions remain in West Africa and at current rates of destruction there will be none left five years from now. Lions are killed by poison by animal herders competing for resources and are symptomatic of the conflict between humans and animals in certain regions.

Country Profile: Chad

Photo Album of the 4th Global Meeting of the PFD

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DEAR Inception Seminar 2018

 > Alfredo Janampa Ramos, Task Manager

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Programme: DEAR
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