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  1. Newsletter

    The Green Development News is a quarterly publication produced and promoted by members of our capacity4dev group with the aim to raise awareness and enhance cooperation on environmental themes (environmental mainstreaming, biodiversity, green economy, forestry, climate change). If you are...
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  2. Wildlife crisis

    The world is facing an unprecedented wildlife crisis. The challenge is huge and has recently experienced a dramatic acceleration. The crisis is particularly severe in Sub-Saharan Africa were a growing list of unique wildlife species faces extinction, including iconic species such as elephants,...
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  3. About the project

    ABOUT THE PROJECT Launched in 2011, the Air Quality Governance (Air-Q-Gov) project is one of a series of regional governance projects funded by the European Commission to improve environmental governance in six countries in Eastern Europe and Caucasus plus Russia. The European Neighbourhood Policy...
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  4. African Parks presents: Zakouma National Park, Chad

    This video was produced and Published on Jun 17, 2015 by the non-profit organisation African Parks . It provides an general overview of the park; its director, Rian Labuschagne, also explains some of the difficulties faced with poaching. On a continent plagued by rampant poaching, Zakouma National...
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  5. UN Environment Connect Newsletter - archive

    UN Environment Connect is our Brussels-focused newsletter connecting you to UN Environment's work worldwide UN Environment Connect Newsletter Summer 2019 - https://bit.ly/2m6wayt (July/August 2019) UN Environment Connect Newsletter #26 - https://bit.ly/2KskTzX (May 2018) UN Environment Connect...
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  6. DEVCO Environment Week 2017

    DEVCO Environment Week 2017 took place from 6-10 February 2017 in Brussels. The week comprised two seminars: 1. Thematic Seminar on Environment – “Implementing the Environmental Dimension of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (6 - 8 February) 2. Thematic Seminar – "Conservation,...
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  7. African Wildlife Conservation Strategy

    An EU response to the African Wildlife Crisis DEVCO has developed a holistic strategy to plan its activities in support of African wildlife conservation. " Larger than Elephants: inputs for an EU strategic approach to wildlife conservation in Africa" (synthesis and regional analysis publications)...
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  8. Biodiversity for Life (B4Life)

    EuropeAid recently launched the new flagship initiative EU Biodiversity for Life (B4Life) which is designed to help the poorest countries protect ecosystems, combat wildlife crime and develop green economies. It takes the novel approach of emphasising the economic benefits of protecting...
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