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  1. Special Issue on Leadership in Knowledge and Capacity Development in the Water Sector (and beyond)

    This special issue of Water Policy on Leadership in Knowledge and Capacity Development in the Water Sector was launched recently at the IWA Development Congress in Nairobi. Together, the papers in this special issue and the insights from the 5th Delft Symposium on Water Sector Capacity Development...
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  2. Protection Sociale des Migrants Sénégalais en Gambie et en Côte D’Ivoire: Atouts et Contraintes

    Cette étude vise à cerner les atouts et les contraintes de la protection sociale des migrants sénégalais en Gambie et en Côte d’Ivoire au travers d’une analyse des cadres institutionnel, législatif et réglementaire notamment en matière d’entrée, de séjour et de travail des migrants. L’étude montre...
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    Talofa lava! 350 Pacific has an exciting new role to fill and we wanted YOU to know about it! 350 Pacific is looking for a Pacific Communications Coordinator to join the 350 Pacific team - as well as the wider 350.org< http://350.org > global network. Full details of the position can be found...
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  4. Transmisión en vivo del Seminario Internacional Impulsando el Desarrollo Sostenible Territorial-UNIVERSiDADES ESTRATEGICAS

    Las incidencias de este evento puede ser seguidas en algunos de los siguientes link: http://www.ucn.edu.co/institucion/sala-prensa/Paginas/ucn-en-vivo.aspx http://www.justin.tv/paraguaytv1 . Las jornadas inician a las 8:30 AM Hora de Paraguay. El segundo dia (Martes 19 de noviembre) continuará con...
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