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  1. EU supports Haiti to integrate environment and climate change considerations in urban development

    Managing the growth of cities in Haiti is necessary to improve the country’s resilience to external shocks. To this end, the URBAYITI programme promotes Haiti’s economic, social and environmental development by strengthening the institutional framework for urban planning. The European Union...
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  2. Green Development News #11

    The new edition of our quarterly newsletter is now out, in English and French, and with a focus in this edition on climate change and sustainable energy policy and programmes. The newsletter is produced by DG International Cooperation and Development's units for Sustainable Energy & Climate...
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  3. UN Environment contribution to a EU Green Week 2019 session about the transition to circular economies

    EU Green Week: Conference session “Fostering investments in support of the EU circular economy package” On 16 May Mr Bruno Pozzi, UN Environment Europe Office Director, participated in an EU Green Week conference session entitled ‘Fostering investments in support of the EU’s Circular Economy...
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  4. Building on EU’s Domestic Experience in Inclusive Green Economy: the SWITCH to Green facility presents a series of EU best practices. This week – case 1: The Circular Economy Action Plan

    The EU has significant experience in promoting the green economy domestically, notably through its environment policy and the Europe 2020 growth strategy. Many of the initiatives put forward by the EU in this context, focus on thematic issues that are also prioritised in international cooperation...
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  5. Building on EU’s Domestic Experience in Inclusive Green Economy – case 3: the EU Strategy on Corporate Social Responsibility, by the SWITCH to Green facility

    The European Commission promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the EU and encourages enterprises to adhere to international guidelines and principles. CSR refers to companies taking responsibility for their impact on society. CSR is important for the sustainability, competitiveness, and...
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