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Faith Doherty uploaded a new Document 12 May 2014

China’s furniture craze drives Siam rosewood to extinction

May 12, 2014

China’s luxury furniture craze steeped in blood & driving Siam rosewood to extinction

Susanna von Sydow uploaded a new Document 17 June 2014
Arnold Jacques de Dixmude uploaded a new Document 24 February 2015
Arnold Jacques de Dixmude posted Information 27 May 2015

The G7 is made of the seven major economically advanced countries: Canada; France; Germany; Italy; Japan; United Kingdom and United States of America.

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 26 June 2014
Group: Medculture

The UNFPA, along with UNESCO and UNDP, is co-leading the Culture and Development consultation, one of six dialogues on implementation of the evolving Post

Louise Truslove posted Information 24 July 2014

Please scroll down for Portuguese language version …

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 24 April 2014
Group: Medculture

Mise en lumière des enjeux : la réalité des mobilités culturelles entre les Balkans, l’Europe et le monde arabe

Anonymous posted Information 13 June 2014
UNESCO Press release N°2014-60