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Arnold Jacques de Dixmude uploaded a new Document 27 August 2014

In February 2014 the European Commission adopted a Communication, 'the EU approach against wildlife trafficking', which takes stock of EU involvement in global efforts to combat the problem.

Faith Doherty uploaded a new Document 12 May 2014

China’s furniture craze drives Siam rosewood to extinction

May 12, 2014

China’s luxury furniture craze steeped in blood & driving Siam rosewood to extinction

Susanna von Sydow uploaded a new Document 17 June 2014
Arnold Jacques de Dixmude uploaded a new Document 24 February 2015
Celine Dondeynaz uploaded a new Document 19 December 2014


Faith Doherty uploaded a new Document 26 March 2014

New analysis of the Myanmar Government’s forestry and trade data points to a multi-billion dollar illegal logging and exports black hole – indicating widespread criminality and official corruption.

Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 25 November 2014

"The United Nations has always had lots of targets, goals, and  declarations. You probably didn’t know, for example, that 2014 is the International Year of Family Farming and the International Year of Crystallography—or that you are currently  living through the Decade of Action for Road Safety.