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  1. Youth in Development

    A global platform where we share knowledge, experiences, discuss and publish relevant materials on youth issues.
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    Public group owned by ariobo 9 December 2013
  2. HiQSTEP - High Quality Studies to Support activities under the Eastern Partnership

    Overall Project Objective: Advance the development and the objectives of the Eastern Partnership countries in various areas in view of a closer cooperation of these countries with the EU and among the countries themselves. Project Purpose: Produce high quality studies on specific subjects as...
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    Completed project owned by PKM 12 January 2015
  3. Tijuana 246

    BASIM Total Basin Area_km Name Area_km Tijuana 246 4388 Country Country COUNTRY Area_km Percentage 3216 73 Mexico 1172 27 United States of America Basin Nature Basin Basin-Human Rights_km 3 Rights_km 3 Population Rights_km 3 0.000000 0.000000 1,340,300 1.742390 COUNTRY Country Country-Human Country...
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  4. Public Sector Reform in Fragile Situations, A Voice from Sudan

    Public sector reform is all too often hindered by the perception that change is being imposed from the outside, according to Rebecca Joshua Okwaci, Under Secretary for Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resources in the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan.
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