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  1. Newsletter

    The Green Development News is a quarterly publication produced and promoted by members of our capacity4dev group with the aim to raise awareness and enhance cooperation on environmental themes (environmental mainstreaming, biodiversity, green economy, forestry, climate change). If you are...
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  2. NEWS: New resource kit for communicating on climate change attribution

    A new toolkit from the Raising Risk Awareness project aims to help journalists and communicators report on the linkages between climate change and extreme weather events. The Raising Risk Awareness initiative assesses whether climate change has contributed to extreme weather events such as droughts...
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  3. Evidence from Mercy Corps’ PRIME Programme in the Somali region of Ethiopia (Lessons learned)

    This study Enhancing resilience to severe drought: what works? Evidence from Mercy Corps’ PRIME Program in the Somali region of Ethiopia , posted today on the public group on Capacity4dev Resilience Building in Ethiopia (RESET) by Luis Lechiguero , was published by the Mercy Corps, USA, in January...
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  4. EU Resilience Building programme in Ethiopia (RESET) Strategic Options Paper by Ethiopian Development Research Institute (2017)

    In order to support the ongoing RESET programme implemented by more than 25 NGOs and in close collaboration with the local and regional authorities, the Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia...
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