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  1. G 3M S (Garifuna Maloya Marron Moutia Sega)

    G 3M S -Garifuna Maloya Marron Moutia Sega- Le projet G3MS s’inscrit dans la continuité du projet GMM (Garifuna, Maloya, Marron), partenariat musical de développement, de création et de promotion qui a réuni pour la première fois des artistes de la Caraïbe et de l’Océan Indien dans une...
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    Ongoing project owned by marc lints 29 January 2015
  2. Comayagua Colonial

    COMAYAGUA COLONIAL - Promoting Historical Heritage and Urban Development Country: Honduras Project initiated in: 1996 Presented by: AECID Partners: Instituto Hondureño de Antropología e Historia and local authorities Project budget: EUR 3 400 000 - Back to the Projects Overview page - // Context...
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  3. For inspiration: Landfill Harmonic

    The world generates about a billion tons of garbage a year. Those who live with it and from it are the poor – like the people of Cateura, Paraguay. And here they are transforming it into beauty. Landfill Harmonic follows the orchestra as it takes its inspiring spectacle of trash-into-music around...
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    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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