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  1. Lesson learned during the training to demonstrate our field development support process in Kenya

    Our field development support mechanism process : During the training our volunteers are motivated and educated on development matters on our community learning center ( StayConnecteD4Dev ). They become skilled and motivated volunteers. Under the guidance and mentoring of our regional or local...
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  2. Can the SDGs really leave No One behind?

    I have just called my "illiterate" mother some days ago, and asked her if she has some information, knowledge via mobile phone, TV, internet, face to face discussion, friends or relations visit about the ongoing actions and efforts on SDGs. Unfortunately she said know. I am certain that there are...
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  3. Youth and the Internet

    UNESCO It was really a great and successfully conference (Fighting Radicalization and extremism) with great ideas and great concepts. In the practice, we will contribute across our information collection mechanism , volunteer network , our online platform and offline development aid support...
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