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  1. Development Aid Support Mechanism

    Knowledge has an important role to play in addressing development issues, but this requires access to information as well as the availability of relevant and useful knowledge. Knowledge is central to sustainable development. Knowledge is essential for survival and sustainability. Better information...
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  2. e-learning PRAG

    Objectives At the end of the training, participants will: have gained an overview of the general context of the EU external actions be able to distinguish the different aspects of delegated cooperation (management modes) and co-financing be familiar with the basic rules and procedures applying to...
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  3. #EvalCrisis Blog - No 02 - Evaluation from space

    #EVALCRISIS BLOG - A DEVCO/ESS INITIATIVE Evaluation from space Evaluations during difficult times ANUPAM ANAND, ABU M. JALLOH, and HUR HASSNAIN Evaluations in contexts that are not easily accessible, constantly changing, and unpredictable, for example, the situation posed by the current global...
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  4. Lesson learned during the training to demonstrate our field development support process in Kenya

    Our field development support mechanism process : During the training our volunteers are motivated and educated on development matters on our community learning center ( StayConnecteD4Dev ). They become skilled and motivated volunteers. Under the guidance and mentoring of our regional or local...
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  5. Did you hear about our hybrid solution to promote capacity building focused on knowledge of the SDGs, social empowerment and development?

    Did you hear that there are over 3 million people not in employment, education or training (NEETS) in South Africa, etc (see: comment ). KFDWB is looking for potential business partnerships, funders, sponsors, investors to provide high level quality development Training program and practices in the...
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  6. ROM (Results Oriented Monitoring)

    Results Oriented Monitoring, or ROM for short, is an external monitoring system reinforcing the practice of result-based management in the EU external action operations
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  7. From Science of Delivery to Doing Development Differently

    The World Bank has a question; how can it improve its Science of Delivery? The Science of Delivery means "to learn better and adapt more quickly when things work well or when they don't work well and take some of the lessons of that learning and apply them elsewhere." And this comes...
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  8. It's really amazing the things we can ...

    We are connecting the Unconnected ( people who do not have access to internet and/or development information) and Connected ( people who have access to Internet and/or development information) to Development Matters (climate change, cybercrime, youth unemployment, youth violent extremism, terrorism...
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  9. Solar Energy has Great Potential in Africa, but Has Yet to Take Off

    Coordination between policy makers and private partners is key to developing solar energy in Africa, said photovoltaic expert Michael Franz as he presented impressions and conclusions of his extensive work on the development of a solar energy market in Kenya at a recent conference in Brussels.
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  10. Can the SDGs really leave No One behind?

    I have just called my "illiterate" mother some days ago, and asked her if she has some information, knowledge via mobile phone, TV, internet, face to face discussion, friends or relations visit about the ongoing actions and efforts on SDGs. Unfortunately she said know. I am certain that there are...
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  11. Here is the Evaluation Report... so now what do we do?

    When we talk about evaluation, we often focus on its approaches and methods, how to undertake an evaluation, and the report. This is all very good and useful, but it is not the whole story. Evaluation is essentially part of a wider process of learning.
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  12. Lessons learnt from the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus approach

    In 2017, several European Union Delegations were asked to operationalise the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus to better navigate fragility, address roots of conflicts and adopt a new development approach. Three years later, Capacity4dev met with the Delegations in Nigeria and Myanmar to collect...
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    KFDWB INTRODUCTORY MEETING PROGRAMME by Mr Richard N Nzingah, 7 TH FEBRUARY 2015 TIME ACTIVITY RESPONSIBLE PERSON 10:00-10:30AM Arrival & Registration of participants All 10:30-11:00AM Introductions Gerald Mugo / Mkuzi Tsama 11:00-12:00 Who is K.F.D.W.B? MDGs and SDGs Richard F. Nzingah 12:00-...
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  14. The data revolution in sustainable development

    Introduction Knowledge has an important role to play in addressing development issues, but this requires access to information as well as the availability of relevant and useful knowledge. Knowledge is central to sustainable development. Knowledge is essential for survival and sustainability. Our...
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  15. PFM I - Public Finance Management: Systems and Principles

    Practical Information The course is intended for Commission staff, notably for DG Devco in HQ and Delegation. The course is also open to collegues from the European Institutions, notably DG ECFIN, ELARG, TRADE, ECHO and the EEAS. This course lasts 4.5 days and can take place both in Brussels (HQ)...
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  16. Budget Support: More Than Just a Blank Cheque

    In 2014, experts working for the European Commission carried out a synthesis of budget support evaluations from seven different countries. “We have learned that the funds we provide don’t just go into a black hole,” said Jürgen Lovasz, Team Leader for Budget Support in the Evaluation unit at DEVCO...
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  17. Empowering rural women to achieve sustainable wildlife management

    Women and girls are at the heart of rural communities worldwide. Their contribution to ending poverty and ensuring food security is fundamental. They also play a critical role in natural resource management and can influence how their communities hunt and fish, improve sanitation, protect habitats...
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  18. Evaluation Matters

    Last summer, the European Union released an Evaluation policy for development cooperation. Entitled Evaluation Matters, it notably emphasizes the “Evaluation First principle” which means that good intervention and policy must always be based on robust evidence. Drafting this policy was “quite a...
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  19. Sustainable Forests for the Future

    Welcome to the Sustainable Forests for the Future group! The European Union supports the efforts of partner countries to preserve their forests and to contribute to sustainable, inclusive economies and societies. Through the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade ( FLEGT ) actions, the EU...
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  20. Wildlife Conservation for Development

    Africa’s wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate, encroached on by a human population set to double by 2050. The latest European Commission report on conserving the continent’s biodiversity is entitled ‘Larger than Elephants’, reflecting that the species and landscapes at risk go far beyond...
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  21. Entrevista individual

    . SUMARIO . ¿Por qué utilizar esta herramienta en evaluación? La entrevista individual es una técnica de recopilación de información que tiene lugar cara a cara entre el evaluador y la persona entrevistada. Es una herramienta sencilla y rápida de utilizar y los recursos necesarios para su...
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  22. Value Chain Analysis for Development (VCA4D)

    VCA4D performs Value Chain Analyses (VCA) to give a complete overview of a commodity in a country, providing policy makers with robustly informed knowledge to structure their policies, policy dialogue and projects. Based on a common methodological framework, the VCAs inform indicators through...
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  23. Worth social development worldwide

    KFDWB believes strongly that skills for development is the best solution for youth unemployment, jobs creation, economic & illegal immigration, and worth social development worldwide. Read more here You can view our training reportings here Our official website: here
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  24. Human Development, what it is?

    If Human development is defined as the process of enlarging people’s freedoms and opportunities and improving their social justice, economic and environmental well-being, citizens have to participate, and decide worldwide who to be, what to do, and how to live individual and together to reach...
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  25. Productive Safety Net Programme in Ethiopia

    The Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) in Ethiopia is aimed at enabling the rural poor facing chronic food insecurity to resist shocks, create assets and become food self-sufficient.
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  26. How to Fight Illegal Fishing

    What illicit trade is worth up to $23 billion each year, threatens the environment, food security and the economies of developing countries, and is now the subject of a special taskforce at INTERPOL? The answer is illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).
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  27. Achim Steiner and Janez Potočnik to share latest insights into upcoming UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) and the Post-2015 Process

    Achim Steiner and Janez Potočnik to share latest insights into upcoming UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) and the Post-2015 Process Date and Place: Tuesday 3 June, 14.30 - 15.00, The Egg Conference Centre, rue Bara, Brussels, Media Room Organizers: European Commissioner for the Environment Janez...
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  28. Policy Forum on Development (PFD)

    The PFD is the result of a Structured Dialogue, which brings together Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities from around the world.
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  29. Localise Global Problems, says Lamy

    The Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, a unique, interdisciplinary research community chaired by former World Trade Organization head, Pascal Lamy, released their long anticipated “Now for the Long Term” report in October. It offers frank discussion on how to break gridlock on major...
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  30. What Population Growth Means for Development

    Roger Martin, chairman of the UK charity Population Matters, says human beings’ impact on the environment depends on two factors: the average ecological footprint of each person, multiplied by the number of people. While the world focuses on how to reduce the former, Mr Martin believes scant...
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  31. Mind, Society, Behaviour (and Development?)

    The mayor of Bogotá takes a shower on television to promote saving water, and water consumption drops; HIV patients in Kenya get text messages to remind them to take their medication and adherence rates rise by 13 percentage points; and a simple rewrite of letters from the UK tax office nets the...
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  32. Voice&View: Sustainable Development

    We see more global warming. Unfortunately, we could not solve all the problems of the world at the same time. But it is potential and useful to have a simple, strong, and independent global platform called development Service Support like K4DWB which covers the social, economic, cultural and...
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  33. Using social attitudes and behaviors to support the design and implementing of development interventions

    A number of development experts have dedicated their careers to fight against poverty. To date, interventions tackling poverty have been informed by disciplines including, actions, climate change, public health, employment, migration, ICT, human rights, social justice just to name a few. These...
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  34. Ethics of ICT in Sustainable Development

    Connecting the unconnected to development resources ( education resources , ICT tools, information, knowledge, skills to demand accountability, inputs, availability, financial capacity, and technical capacity, social facilitation etc.). ICT tools have the potential to create opportunities for...
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  35. Open Data in Humanitarian Aid

    Q&A with Rupert Simons, Chief Executive Officer of Publish What You Fund.  Publish What You Fund is a non-profit organisation that campaigns for aid transparency. “We believe that information is power and we campaign to make that information available to everyone who needs it,” said Simons...
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  36. L’appui du Fonds Bêkou permet à ALIMA d’offrir aux déplacés du site de Carmel un accès gratuit aux soins

    Depuis février 2015, ALIMA intervient dans le site de déplacés de Carmel, situé à Bimbo, en périphérie de la capitale centrafricaine. Cette zone est l’une de celle qui recueille le plus de déplacés lorsque la situation sécuritaire se dégrade à Bangui. Grâce au financement du Fonds Bêkou, ALIMA a...
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