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  1. Development Aid Support Mechanism

    Knowledge has an important role to play in addressing development issues, but this requires access to information as well as the availability of relevant and useful knowledge. Knowledge is central to sustainable development. Knowledge is essential for survival and sustainability. Better information...
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  2. e-learning PRAG

    Objectives At the end of the training, participants will: have gained an overview of the general context of the EU external actions be able to distinguish the different aspects of delegated cooperation (management modes) and co-financing be familiar with the basic rules and procedures applying to...
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  3. #EvalCrisis Blog - No 02 - Evaluation from space

    #EVALCRISIS BLOG - A DEVCO/ESS INITIATIVE Evaluation from space Evaluations during difficult times ANUPAM ANAND, ABU M. JALLOH, and HUR HASSNAIN Evaluations in contexts that are not easily accessible, constantly changing, and unpredictable, for example, the situation posed by the current global...
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  4. Lesson learned during the training to demonstrate our field development support process in Kenya

    Our field development support mechanism process : During the training our volunteers are motivated and educated on development matters on our community learning center ( StayConnecteD4Dev ). They become skilled and motivated volunteers. Under the guidance and mentoring of our regional or local...
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  5. Did you hear about our hybrid solution to promote capacity building focused on knowledge of the SDGs, social empowerment and development?

    Did you hear that there are over 3 million people not in employment, education or training (NEETS) in South Africa, etc (see: comment ). KFDWB is looking for potential business partnerships, funders, sponsors, investors to provide high level quality development Training program and practices in the...
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  6. From Science of Delivery to Doing Development Differently

    The World Bank has a question; how can it improve its Science of Delivery? The Science of Delivery means "to learn better and adapt more quickly when things work well or when they don't work well and take some of the lessons of that learning and apply them elsewhere." And this comes...
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  7. It's really amazing the things we can ...

    We are connecting the Unconnected ( people who do not have access to internet and/or development information) and Connected ( people who have access to Internet and/or development information) to Development Matters (climate change, cybercrime, youth unemployment, youth violent extremism, terrorism...
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  8. Solar Energy has Great Potential in Africa, but Has Yet to Take Off

    Coordination between policy makers and private partners is key to developing solar energy in Africa, said photovoltaic expert Michael Franz as he presented impressions and conclusions of his extensive work on the development of a solar energy market in Kenya at a recent conference in Brussels.
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  9. ROM (Results Oriented Monitoring)

    Results Oriented Monitoring, or ROM for short, is an external monitoring system reinforcing the practice of result-based management in the EU external action operations
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    Public group owned by Former Capacity... 16 March 2012