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  1. What Population Growth Means for Development

    Roger Martin, chairman of the UK charity Population Matters, says human beings’ impact on the environment depends on two factors: the average ecological footprint of each person, multiplied by the number of people. While the world focuses on how to reduce the former, Mr Martin believes scant...
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  2. L’appui du Fonds Bêkou permet à ALIMA d’offrir aux déplacés du site de Carmel un accès gratuit aux soins

    Depuis février 2015, ALIMA intervient dans le site de déplacés de Carmel, situé à Bimbo, en périphérie de la capitale centrafricaine. Cette zone est l’une de celle qui recueille le plus de déplacés lorsque la situation sécuritaire se dégrade à Bangui. Grâce au financement du Fonds Bêkou, ALIMA a...
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  3. Bringing Vital Family Planning Services to Zambia's Rural Women

    Meet Judith Muntahli. She was born in 1977 in Ilenga, a village in the Isoka district of Muchinga Province in the far north of Zambia. She and her husband are subsistence farmers with nine children. During her first pregnancy, Judith (pictured below) was bitten by a snake. But by the time she got...
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  4. EU Mobile Labs

    The EU Mobile Labs Project has provided one of the first labs against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. A mobile unit was deployed to Guinea in March 2014, at the outbreak's onset. It has provided diagnosis for a large fraction of the samples collected - 3000 during the first 6 months, identifying...
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  5. EU Mobile Labs: Part of the Solution to Tackle the Ebola Outbreak

    The Ebola outbreak has already taken many lives in Western Africa, and the long-term economic consequences for affected countries are likely to be dramatic. Such crises can easily spiral out of control and affect other parts of the world, including the European Union. So, what is the EU doing to...
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  6. A firmer future for family planning in Zambia's remotest communities

    Marie Stopes Zambia's (MSZ) innovative family planning project is coming to an end of its funding (around €750,000) from the European Union. However, MSZ plans to continue delivering family planning services in 2016 in conjunction with other donors, says MSZ Senior Programme Manager Julia Ross...
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  7. Youth Ambassadors

    During the European Development Days 2013, there was a strong focus on youth, as the event welcomed for the first time 12 youth ambassadors from around the world, three of whom were 18 or under. Each ambassador was selected to attend a high-level auditorium session where they were encouraged to...
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  8. A Pétévo, avec le financement du fonds Bêkou, ALIMA construit une maternité pour permettre aux femmes d'accoucher près de chez elles en toute sécurité

    A Pétevo, grande banlieue populaire du 6 ème arrondissement, dans la périphérie sud de Bangui, ALIMA et les personnels du Ministère de la santé travaillent en étroite collaboration pour garantir un accès à des soins de qualité pour les populations résidentes et déplacées au travers du centre de...
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