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  1. The Cost and Benefits of Tax Treaties with Investment Hubs: Findings from Sub-Saharan Africa (IMF Working Paper)

    Link: https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WP/Issues/2018/10/24/The-Cost-and-Be... Abstract: This paper investigates the costs and benefits of concluding double tax treaties with investment hubs. Based on a sample of 41 African economies from 1985–2015, the results suggest that signing treaties with...
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  2. Culture for the Future

    Before the International Colloquium "Culture for the Future", to which ………………… Creative industries' professionals from all regions of the world join the European Commission to define innovative and participatory ways contributing to build together a better future. “Culture for the Future” is a key...
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  3. Enforcing Public-Private Partnership Contract: How do Fiscal Institutions Matter? (IMF Working Paper)

    See: http://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WP/Issues/2017/11/15/Enforcing-Public... . Summary: Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have increased rapidly in emerging and developing countries, creating both opportunities and fiscal challenges. One of the main challenges is that while governments have...
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  4. Private Sector Involvement in Road Financing

    Most African countries are faced with substantial challenges to meet their needs for road maintenance, rehabilitation and construction through public financing. The underfunding problems are not likely to be solved completely without increased participation from private sector investors. Thus in...
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  5. 8 top tips for crowdfunding success

    8 top tips for crowdfunding success fpadmin | 13 June 2017 Learn about utilising the power of social media to generate impact for your nonprofit organisation with Beth Kanter’s eight best practice crowdfunding ideas. Crowdfunding marries tried-and-true fundraising techniques with the power of...
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