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  1. Contributions to the Debate on the Future of EU Budget Support

    As the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union are busy shaping the future of EU Budget Support, voices from civil society and developing countries call for strengthened budget support as one of the most effective ways of providing aid to poor countries.
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  2. Decentralised cooperation

    Informal space for exchnage of information and discussion on topics related to Decentralised cooperation. Find all info, reports, videos and pictures of the 2019 Forum Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation following this link www.RegioCitiesConf2019.eu
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    Public group owned by cauliba 21 May 2015
  3. Engaging with Non-state Actors in General Budget Support and Sector Policy Support Programmes - Training Seminar

    Background The Document “Engaging Non-State Actors in New Aid Modalities” calls for more strategic involvement of civil society in general budget support and in sector budget support operations; this approach would ensure wider country ownership, better development outcomes and improved governance...
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