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From6 November 2012
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Foundation Centre Consortium on Human Rights and Disability

Launch of the Study on “Assessing the impact of European governments’
austerity plans on the rights of people with disabilities”
The European Foundation Centre Consortium on Human Rights and Disability
launched a study to gather evidence on the impact that the austerity measures
undertaken by several European governments might have on the implementation
of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The event
will look at what can be done at European level to tackle social exclusion
experienced by Europe’s citizens which has been exacerbated by the crisis.
The debate led by Rosa Estarás Ferragut, Member of the European Parliament,
will focus on how to build a model for a social Europe based on EU 2020
Strategy for inclusion of all European citizens. In addition, Yannis
Vardakastanis, President of the European Disability Forum and Miguel Ángel
Cabra de Luna, Co- Chair of the European Consortium on Human Rights and
Disability will bring an European dimension to the discussion regarding
finding solutions of support and developing cost-effective policies of
inclusion with concrete measures. László Andor, Commissioner for
Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion has been invited to give a keynote
address and conclude the discussions.
This launch event will be hosted by Rosa Estarás Ferragut and The European
Foundation Centre Consortium on Human Rights and Disability.
Registration by 31 October 2012 at [1]


From27 September 2012
in (Paraguay)
Organised byUniversidad Católica Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

Dentro del proyecto Alfa VINCULAENTORNO, se celebrará un taller de trabajo
para la puesta en común de los resultados del mapeo realizado en Paraguay
sobre las actividades de tercera misión de las universidades del país.

From9 October 2012
in (Argentina)
Organised byUniversidad Nacional de Chilecito

Se va a celebrar un seminario de trabajo donde se pongan en común los
resultados detectados en el mapeo realizado entre universidades argentinas en
cuanto a actividades de tercera misión, dentro del proyecto VINCULAENTORNO

22 October 2012 to 26 October 2012
in Loja (Ecuador)
Organised byProyecto ESVIAL

Del 22 al 26 de octubre se celebrará en Loja (Ecuador) una reunión plenaria
del socios del proyecto ESVI-AL ( [1]).

Como parte de la misma se ha organizado el congreso ATICA 2012
( [2]), y el taller ATICAcces
( [3]), sobre accesibilidad y
tecnologias de la información, a los que todos son bienvenidos.


From23 October 2012
in 1049 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Commission - DG EuropeAid, Unit Energy

The Info Point invites you to participe to a lunch time conference on solar
photovoltaic energy in the developent context. As prices are in freefall,
companies are looking for markets wordwilde. The event will review status of
the markets, challenges, as well as possible solutions, using the
illustrative example of Kenya as the East African reginal "power house". The
presentation will be followed by a discussion with the public.

Public event! Registration required at [1]


From18 October 2012
in Montreal (Canada)
Organised byIsland Conservation

In partnership with the Government of Ecuador and with the participation of
Small Island Developing States (SIDS), nations with islands and island
nations (specific countries to be determined) and the Global Island
Partnership (GLISPA), Island Conservation will describe how to prevent
species extinction on small islands (Aichi Target 12) by removing invasive
alien species (Aichi Target 9). Island Conservation will present the “Small
Islands, Big Difference” Campaign as a way forward to achieve Aichi targets
9 and 12. The Campaign is guided by the results of the scientific analysis
provided by the Threatened Island Biodiversity (TIB) database to be launched
during COP-11.

From26 October 2012
in 1150 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byVertebrACLUE consortium

On 26th October, the Seminar “Next steps in EU-LAC cooperation in the
fields of Higher Education, Research and Innovation” will take place in
Brussels at the ICHEC Brussels Management School.

22 October 2012 to 26 October 2012
in Quito (Ecuador)
Organised byEQUALITY - Universidad Central del Ecuador, Tecnológico de Costa Rica y Universidad de Alicante

A través de este taller, las personas tendrán la oportunidad de
intercambiar experiencias y buenas prácticas en temas relacionados con la
incorporación del enfoque de género en programas académicos, lenguaje
inclusivo, sistemas de indicadores de género y elaboración de los mismos.

18 November 2012 to 24 November 2012
in (Colombia)
Organised byCatólica del Norte Fundación Universitaria

Encuentro entre las 9 IES que hacen parte del proyecto para intercambiar
experiencias y conocimientos en los sectores Socio-Político;
Económico-Empresarial y Técnico-Científico que permitan evidenciar y
reforzar el papel que a través de la formación, investigación y extensión
tienen actualmente las Universidades en sus territorios de incidencia.

26 November 2012 to 27 November 2012
in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil)
Organised byRiaipe 3 - Programa Marco InterUniversitário para a Equidade e Coesão Social em Instituições de Ensino Superior