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21 June 2017 to 23 June 2017
in Manaos (Brazil)
Organised byProyecto IAPA - Visión Amazónica

El manejo del territorio destinado a áreas protegidas es fundamental para el mantenimiento de los servicios ecosistémicos que brinda la Amazonía.

11 April 2013 to 13 April 2013
in Georgetown (Guyana)
Organised byThe Guyana Mangrove Restoration Project (GMRP ) , the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) and the University of Guyana (UG)

The objective of the Guyana Mangrove Forum is to build local and regional
capacity in mangrove restoration and management, continue to raise the public
profile of the values of mangroves in Guyana and to bring together national,
regional and international researchers to share experience and knowledge of
the sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems. Registration for the
workshop will open on the 15th November 2012.

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