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  1. Released: A framework for mainstreaming climate resilience in development planning

    The International Institute for Environment and Development recently published: A framework for mainstreaming climate resilience in development planning. Abstract: Past and present levels of greenhouse gas emissions have locked unavoidable climate change effects into the climate system for decades...
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  2. Launch of the first-ever UNDP/EU Partnership Report - "Towards a Life of Dignity for All – 10 Years of UNDP-EU Strategic Partnership"

    "In the last decade, the EU has provided EUR 3.3 billion to UNDP’s activities in 115 countries (many more if including also regional and global programmes) through the signature of around 800 contracts . Some key results include: We worked in 98 countries advancing good governance , contributing to...
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  3. Global Opportunity Report 2015

    The Global Opportunity Report 2015 aims to show how five major global risks to building a sustainable and prosperous society (the lack of fresh water, unsustainable urbanization, continued lock-in to fossil fuels, the rise in non-communicable diseases, and extreme weather) can be turned into 15...
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