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  1. DEVCO Academy - The New Learning Platform for International Cooperation and Development

    DEVCO has launched an online platform bringing together a broad set of e-learning courses, videos, webinars and manuals, developed in cooperation with partners. What is DEVCO Academy? For some years now, DEVCO has provided access to its online learning content to the public. This has been part of...
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  2. PFM I - La Gestion Des Finances Publiques (GFP)

    Information pratique Ce cours est destiné au personnel DEVCO au siège et en Délégation ainsi qu’au personnel des DG NEAR, EEAS, IPE ECFIN, TRADE and ECHO. Un nombre limité de places est disponible pour fonctionnaires des pays partenaires et personnel des agences de développement des Etats Membres...
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  3. “Using evaluations to see and influence change”, an Interview with Ms. Caroline HEIDER, Director General of the IEG (WB Group)

    The interview below was done by the Evaluation Support Service (ESS), a service to Unit 04 Results, Evaluation and Business Processes, of DG DEVCO. It addresses the critical question of the role of evaluations in generating knowledge on Aid, and helping the institution to learn from its experience...
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