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Marc LINTS posted Information 3 July 2016

Share your views on crowdfunding or your campaign experience: complete the survey!

Joan Lanfranco uploaded a new Document 21 May 2015
Andrea Floridi uploaded a new Document 12 May 2015

A programme aiming to support women empowerment, with a particular focus on the formation and strenghtening of leadership and advocacy.

Marc LINTS posted Information 6 June 2016

« Lending Club a vendu l’âme du crowdlending »

LE MONDE | 01.06.2016 à 16h24 | Par Vincent Ricordeau (PDG de KissKissBankBank & Co)



Aidan McGowan uploaded a new Document 24 November 2015

This document is a holistic approach to reforming the way projects employ youth savings programs. It focuses on the role of finance, and suggests that projects take the youth's financial habits into consideration when using these programs.