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  1. Sustainability in global value chains: Closing the gap between ambition and action

    Note: the publication below is for informational purposes only. From: http://ecdpm.org/great-insights/sustainable-value-chains/sustainability-in-global-value-chains-closing-gap-between-ambition-and-action/ How to close the gap between the ambitions for more sustainable global value chains and the...
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  2. About the work on Responsible Management of the Supply Chains in the Garment Sector

    The European Year for Development 2015 provided the European Commission (EC) with the opportunity to take the lead in mobilising stakeholders on major challenges such as poverty eradication and sustainable development. In this spirit, the EC started exploring the opportunities to engage in and join...
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  3. Taking Action

    This is an inclusive and interactive group and this platform is meant to be a tool to share information. We have created subpages for the main stakeholders' groups in order for you to upload materials, links, videos and anything you might consider relevant to the group. If you might need assistance...
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