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  1. Updated climate commitments ahead of COP26 summit fall far short, but net-zero pledges provide hope

    • Latest UNEP Emissions Gap Report finds new and updated Nationally Determined Contributions only take 7.5% off predicted 2030 emissions, while 55% is needed to meet the 1.5°C Paris goal • Latest climate promises for 2030 put the world on track for a temperature rise this century of at least 2.7°C...
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  2. Donor Approaches to Capacity Development: What We Are Learning

    The Secretariat of OECD's Development and Assistance Committee has drawn up an inventory of existing approaches to capacity development among its member countries and multilateral donors. The inventory is a useful tool for comparing donors' capacity development policies, how those...
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  3. Capacity Development: Links and Tools

    Search the web for capacity development (CD) tools and methodologies and you are likely to find hundreds or even thousands of references, particularly if you include "organisational development" in your search. So how can one find a way through this jungle of material?
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  4. Technical Cooperation Reform is a Culture Change

    The European Commission is taking a lead role in championing a results-driven reform of technical cooperation. In a video interview to mark the launch of the new Capacity4dev.eu platform, Koos Richelle, Director General of the Commission's development arm, EuropeAid, explains the modalities of...
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  5. Why State Building is not working in DR Congo

    At a recent debate at the European Commission's EuropeAid headquarters, Theodore Trefon, who is also a contributor and editor of the 2005 book, "Reinventing Order in the Congo", sparked a lively debate with his hard-hitting assessment of donor short-comings in Africa's largest...
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  6. Explaining the Complexities of Public Sector Reform

    Can the complexities and challenges of public sector reform be explained in understandable language and clear terms? Test it yourself - for this is what the new reference document produced by unit E4 in EuropeAid sets out to do.
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  7. Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Developing Countries

    Many efforts to strengthen and modernise Public Expenditure Management in developing countries risk joining a long-line of failures. But, in a new paper, expert Daniel Tommasi explains how proper PEM design and phased implementation can yield positive results. In his paper, "Strengthening...
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