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Chiara Guidetti uploaded a new Document 24 May 2012

The Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) was first launched by the OECD Development Centre in 2009 as a innovative measure of the underlying drivers of gender inequality for over 100 countries.

karlijn leentvaar uploaded a new Document 21 December 2012

Please find the latest Impunity Watch Research reports on, providing an overview of research conducted into t

Chiara Guidetti uploaded a new Document 10 October 2012

Gender in Practice - Guidelines & Methods to address Gender Based Crime in Armed Conflict Training Handbook to assist in working with women affected by sexualized violence and gender based crime in times of armed conflict and war.

Gervase Poulden uploaded a new Document 8 February 2013


Publication Date: 2012

Chiara Guidetti posted Information 19 November 2012

Women’s Lives, Women’s Voices

Empowering women to ensure family planning coverage, quality and equity

CARE report for the Family Planning Summit-July 2012 

Chiara Guidetti uploaded a new Document 30 May 2012

Council Conclusions ‘The Future Approach to EU Budget Support to Third Countries’ 3166ème session du Conseil AFFAIRES ETRANGERES, Bruxelles, 14 mai 2012

Chiara Guidetti uploaded a new Document 19 November 2012

Obstacles for women participation in Peace processes

Only 36 countries worldwide have adopted so far national action plans (NAPs) implementing UNSCR 1325, and resources are often scant for rhe implémentation of these plans.

Rahel Dette uploaded a new Document 24 November 2014
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Excerpt: Forced displacement continues to affect millions of people across the globe. Complex conflicts, human rights violations and natural disasters are among the causes of population displacements every year.