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Diane Kelecom posted Information 1 April 2014

Simple graphics speak louder than words

Tom D'Haeyer posted Information 15 April 2014

Integrated Natural Resources Management is not new. Yet, putting the concept in practice remains a challenge.

Arnold Jacques de Dixmude posted Information 13 February 2015

 (at the bottom of this page, you now find all PPT presentations of the event)

Arnold Jacques de Dixmude posted Information 20 October 2014

"Le Jardin Extraordinaire" est une des émissions les plus populaires sur la télévision publique en Belgique francophone et probablement celle ayant la plus grande longévité (près de 50 ans, ce qui est exceptionnel pour un programme TV aux heures de grande audience).

Stephen Doso Jnr uploaded a new Document 18 September 2014

The Sahel region is largely dependent on agriculture as the main economic activity, with about 80-90% of the population actively engaged in agriculture.

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 7 October 2014

Report Tracks Progress and Draws Attention To Implications on Broader Sustainable Development this Century

Arnold Jacques de Dixmude uploaded a new Document 17 February 2015
Philippe Mayaux uploaded a new Document 13 January 2015

The strategic approach developed herein is primarily targeted at the conservation of large functioning ecosystems or landscapes supporting key African wildlife populations.